A variety of services from dry processes (aluminum deposition, ion plating, optical thin film deposition) to the surface treatment of special metals.
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Non-Conductive Coating(NCVM)
EMI shielding
Optical thin film deposition
Non-conductive coating(NCVM)
Non-conductive coating(NCVM)
Dynatec was the originator of our world-leading bright finishing process, which provides insulation performance, thin films, the beauty of metal-like texture, and properties comparable to plating.

In the bright finishing process, 2 types of deposition are performed: "general deposition," which forms a thin film through sputtering, and "discontinuous deposition(NCVM)," which features high productivity and consistency of insulation performance within the batch using a large deposition apparatus.

Non-Conductive Coating
In the discontinuous deposition(NCVM), a thin, nonconductive metal film is formed on a resin surface.
The thin nonconductive films prevent radio interference, and do not require any measures against electrostatics.  The discontinuous deposition(NCVM) is widely applicable to cabinets and components used for mobile phones, ultra-thin, miniaturized, and high-density packages, and the elimination of plating from function keys.

Both general deposition and discontinuous deposition(NCVM) processes are environmentally friendly and best suited to green procurement, because they are designed to eliminate controlled substances stipulated in other countries from the manufacturing processes. In addition, using a UV coating in combination with them provides surface hardness and adhesion comparable to plating. Also, our coatings are available in a wide range of colors. As named, the bright finishing process delivers metal-like texture and finishing, and is suitable for secondary processing, such as printing. Dynatec will continue to develop its specific coating techniques to meet the expectations of customers, while pursuing high insulation performance, thin films, reduced environmental load, and high reliability through the combination of bright finishing process and UV hard coating.

*What is NCVM?・・・Non-conductive Vacuum Metallization

This has real metallic texture and finish and is superior in terms of reproductivity. We've received the confidence of process from our customers and had a lot of actual achievement of order. With either glossy or matte surface, it is possible to get closer to your images of visualization. Also we have a variety of colors.

Patent Pending in China and Japan

With this grain finished texture, it is possible to reproduct to feel a sense of depth and rich shiny one. We trust that you can enjoy the variable surface with different angle and lighting. Arrangement of shiness is possible at your request.

Rich and deep shiness
Soft and silky texture for touching (Now on trial)

As you see shiness of metal, and also feel like rubber textuer and peach texture. This is a great design of soft-feel texture that appeal to your tactual sense.


Our technique of painting that follow any curved line and edge line of molding parts, it's another cool expression of more metallic.

High quality of texture without build-up (Now on trial)

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